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FR 6002 H
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  • Oil and fat-free hot air fryer, low smoke and odour, time and energy-saving preparation
  • Cool Touch Handle, Capacity: 3.6 Litres, Non-Stick Container
  • Continuously adjustable thermostat (80°C - 200°C), 30 minute timer with end signal
  • 2 indicator lights for temperature/operation, overheating protection

Deep frying at home thanks to innovative and modern technology with the Bomann hot air fryer.





Large enough to provide several people with crispy and delicious chips. The FR 6002 H CB is 3.6 litres and is compact and handy. Cool touch handle allows you to easily open and remove the non-stick container at any time.

Thermostat and timer.

Thanks to the infinitely adjustable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature (80°C - 200°C) individually according to your needs. In addition, the device has a 30-minute timer. The indicator lights inform you about the operating status of the device. When you finish your dish, a beep will hear and let you know if you are not near the fryer.

Time and energy saving technology.

The fast hot air technology allows frying and frying without drying out and gently cooking your delicacies. With efficient 1400 watts, you can prepare your frying food in an energy-saving way.

FR 6002 H CB Bomann

Oil and grease free hot air fryer.

Potato corners, nuggets, schnitzel, steak, fish sticks and much more - fry at home without oil and fat. With the Bomann FR 6002 H CB hot air fryer, you can quickly and easily enjoy crisp food at any time.


Low-fat food.

Thanks to the preparation without oil and fat, even chips, etc. Less calorie rich Look forward to low-fat foods prepared crispy and delicious in the Bomann hot air fryer.


Low-fat food.


Easy to clean.


High quality design


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